Hanmer Clinic Peer Support

Peer support is a specialised service we offer for current clients. We learn and support each other with our own lived experience this is to support our recovery journeys and broaden our support networks. This support is non judge mental and is effective. It is based on one addict helping another. Our Peer support worker, Tarnia, is a recovering addict who has completed several rehabilitation programmes including Hanmer clinic, so she understands the process of recovery. Tarnia also participates in 12 step meetings which is what we encourage clients to take part in here at Hanmer Clinic. We have found that those who do our programme, and 12 step meetings have a better chance at making in their recovery journey. Tarnia is extremely passionate about helping recovering addicts create a new lifestyle with stability and quality of life with freedom from addiction.

“Having my own experience, I feel I am empathetic, understanding, honest and resilient. One thing I have learnt on my journey is that addiction is an isolating disease, and we can’t do this alone.” – Tarnia

Peer Support Committee

Here at Hanmer clinic you can also be a part of the peer support committee. Current clients that have been through the 8-week programme, attend the continuing care programme, are committed to their recovery, and have a passion to help others. This is a small group of peers that get together monthly to discuss or upcoming events and ideas for our newsletter.   Our newsletter comes out every 2nd month includes a client story, upcoming events, positive quotes, 12 step meeting lists and other support groups available in Tauranga.


Here are some common slogans used in recovery circles. One way to use them is to write your favourite slogans on separate pieces of paper. Put them all in a small box and take one out every morning. Whatever the slogan is that you pick up, try to practice that slogan to the best of your ability for that day. After a while, the slogans will become a part of your every-day thoughts.

First Things First

Don’t Use No Matter What

This too Shall Pass

Live and Let Live

Let go and let God

Time takes time

One day at a time

Principles before personalities

Is your program powered by Will Power or Higher Power?

Progress, not perfection

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Misery is optional

God doesn’t make junk

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less

Live life on life’s terms

You can’t think your way into a new way of living…you have to live your way into a new way of thinking

If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got

The key to freedom is in the Steps

GOD = Good Orderly Direction

HALT = don’t get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired

Most things can be preserved in alcohol; dignity, however, is not one of them

HOW it works = Honesty, Open mindedness, and Willingness

If you sit in the barber’s chair long enough, you’ll eventually get a haircut

Don’t pick up, ask for help, call your sponsor, and go to meetings

It’s a simple program for complicated people

The newcomer is the most important person in any meeting

Keep coming back, it works if you work it

Learn to listen and listen to learn

To keep what you have, you have to give it away

Your worth should never depend on another persons opinion

Hanmer Clinic Peer Support Facebook Page

A safe place for Hanmer Clinic clients to receive ongoing support and stay connected with other recovering addicts/alcoholics. Because this is a closed private group; you will need to give one of the peer support persons your facebook details so they can add you, OR you can put your name on the notice board and it will be added.