Te Whare o nga Puna Waiora
The House of Healing Waters

Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality and effective treatment to individuals, and their families/whanau, who are affected by alcohol and other drug addiction, to assist them to achieve recovery and positive long-term well-being.


A Place to Heal from Addiction

Hanmer Clinic provides intensive, outpatient, specialist treatment options for people who are suffering from alcohol and other drug addiction.

Hanmer Clinic Tauranga was first established in November 1999, as an outpatient service of Hanmer Clinics NZ Ltd, based at Queen Mary Hospital, Hanmer Springs. In 2003 we were established under our own Hanmer (BOP) Trust.

Our pepeha and logo references the healing waters of Hanmer Springs, the healing work that goes on in our Clinic here in Tauranga Moana – the new life that unfolds like the koru, and te whare tapa wha – the fullness of health restored in recovery.


A Holistic Approach

While we use the principles of the 12-Steps, the treatment programmes use a variety of treatment approaches based on the most recent evidence about what helps people to live a productive life, free from drug and alcohol addiction.

We approach treatment in a holistic way, working with mind, body and spirit as components of a healthy life. In line with the 12 Steps, which is a programme for living alcohol and drug free while having a satisfying and meaningful life, we know that treatment must also adequately address people’s needs, not just their addiction.

Our approach also corresponds closely to a Maori model of health, Te Whare Tapa Wha, where the balance of Taha Tinana (physical health), Taha Wairua (spiritual health), Taha Whānau (family health), and Taha Hinengaro (mental health) are all essential for wellness.


Referral Process

Potential clients are welcome to contact us directly – you do not need a referral. We also welcome enquiries by and referrals from any agency, service, GP or counsellor on behalf of clients who may be identified as having alcohol and/or drug problems. Where our services do not suit a client’s needs, we will make every effort to identify appropriate treatment or other resources and refer them as necessary.

Our Services

Hanmer Clinic provides effective treatment service for alcohol and other drug dependence to assist clients and their families/whanau to achieve recovery and positive long-term well-being.

The goal of treatment is to help people recover from the damage addiction has caused in her or his life. The first focus is to help people stop using, and then we help people stay stopped so that the brain chemistry, emotions, and behaviours are able to stabilize.

The services we offer are designed to achieve this.

Our Staff

Our Board

Paul Hodson (Chair)
Paul has been on our Board for four years. In March 2017 Paul established his own small advisory firm to advise and look after mainly family businesses, including looking after the personal financial affairs and trusts/estates of the owners. Prior to this he has had significant large CA firm experience as a specialist taxation advisor (both domestic and international tax). He moved from Wellington to Tauranga in 2008. As well as being a Chartered Accountant, he is a member of the Institute of Directors.
Rachael Adams
Rachael is a founding member of our Board She a is specialised Court lawyer based in Tauranga and undertaking cases throughout New Zealand. She has 35 years of litigation experience in criminal defence and family law and has a particular interest in medico-legal issues. A significant majority of her clients are socially disadvantaged, have addiction or mental health issues, or communication difficulties.
Doctor Tony Farrell
The other original member of our Trust, Tony has been with the Mount Medical Centre for 24 years, and is the clinical director of the addiction services that operate out of the medical centre. Tony has a Fellowship in addiction medicine, and is a keen advocate for better alcohol regulation, and for reducing harm from drugs. He serves on the P.H.O. mental health committee.
Jade Maddox
Jade is a business owner who has previously held senior management roles in human resources. She’s also an ex-client of Hanmer and a passionate advocate for the work of the clinic. In her spare time she pats a cat, meditates and volunteers for local charities.